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If you want to heal, go to Danielle at Spirit Hill. Danielle is profoundly insightful, honest, caring and gentle and will give you her time and absolute presence to help you heal from anything that is a challenge for you..whether physical, spiritual or emotional. Danielle will lead you to empowerment and ultimately freedom from anything that is weighing heavily on you and is long past its welcome.   The Reiki attunement course that I underwent at Spirit Hill changed my life in a beautiful, natural way. Releasing old patterns such as comfort eating and low self-esteem became effortless and with Danielle's guidance, I learned to trust my intuition and inner guidance and allowed myself to do what I'd wanted to but had never felt worthy of.  I'm delighted by who I am becoming and Danielle was the catalyst.  Thank you Danielle for helping me on my healing journey.
Saima - Liverpool May 2011

Reference Point Therapy.
I just wanted to let people know how much Danielle has helped me through a difficult time in my life, with Danielle's help and guidance I was able to take a fresh perspective on the difficulty I was facing.  Her patience and guidance worked extremely well for me and I continue to use them now when faced with "tests" along my spiritual journey of life. I have also received Reiki and theta healing from Danielle and I felt completely safe and relaxed with her, I believe Danielle is a very special gifted and beautiful lady and I trust her teaching and guidance 100%.
I have also experienced a wonderful angel therapy day at Spirit Hill, with Danielle and thoroughly recommend anyone to experience her beautiful gifts.
many thanks to you Danielle,
love and light xx
JW - Liverpool.

Danielle is a wonderfully gifted therapist. She is intuitive and puts you at ease so that you receive the full benefits of her treatments in a warm and inviting environment. The Hot Stone Massage is the best one I've had and I would highly recommend her to other people.
SC - Liverpool

I would like to take this opportunity to express Danielle’s professional and yet very personable approach to her training group. Danielle’s spiritual awareness and life experiences enhance her expertise, she is truly gifted. The Reiki 1 course started me on a journey of exploration and spiritual awareness.  We then engaged in weekly meetings and Reiki Shares, supporting the knowledge we have learned and treating and supporting each other as a group. I can only say Reiki becomes a part of your life and I will continue to grow with it and gain more awareness of the power we have inside us. If you are thinking of taking the course Danielle will make you feel very welcome and supported. 
Julie - Blundellsands

Coming to see you for the angel healing and massage helped me through an enormously difficult time and I am very grateful for the sense of peace which you gave to me. Thank you Danielle.  Love Amy x 
Amy, - Liverpool

I found Reference Point Therapy powerful, surprising, reassuring and emotionally healing. The results of which are now being manifest in terms of my confidence, direction and peace.
LG - Liverpool

Danielle's Reiki Level 1 course was carried out to a very high standard and her teaching was calm, reassuring and enlightening as I was very sceptical at the beginning, but came away feeling empowered and with a totally different perspective. I look forward to doing my Reiki Level 2 with her as my guide.
Sandra - Liverpool.

The Reiki training with Danielle was taught in a relaxed, enjoyable setting where each individual was encouraged to find their own level of learning and understanding and become competent with Reiki. Questions, sharing and 'hands on' experience were also an integral part of the course. I would recommend Danielle's training approach to anyone who is positively interested or even just curious about alternative therapies. I got to meet some lovely people as a bonus! 
Loraine - Liverpool.

I enjoyed the course immensely. I felt very much at ease and Danielle is a wonderful teacher, approachable, empathic and warm.  Thank you so much for everything.
M.Lenehan - Dublin

Danielle made this course easy to understand and I was very comfortable in her home and within the group.  I felt able to be open and grew more than I thought was possible in two days.  Highly, highly recommended! 
J.Jones - Manchester

A very powerful Course provided in a beautiful and tranquil setting.  I feel increased mental clarity and focus.  Thank you.
H.Wentworth -Wood - Liverpool

The style of presentation was excellent, Danielle is very articulate and clear, she is warm and approachable yet professional.  I would definitely recommend this course to others.
L.Cox - Yorkshire

I started my Theta Healing session with Danielle as a slight sceptic, but within minutes she had unearthed negative self beliefs that I was previously unaware of, replacing them with positives. Her calming influence kept me relaxed throughout an otherwise intense therapy. Since my session I have noticed a clear difference in my emotional circuitry and feel strong enough to change my life for the better.
B. Maguire

Theta Healing is a beautiful therapy, which allowed me to shed unhelpful perceptions and replace them with strength and self belief. Danielle deftly uses her powerful intuition and gentle energy to heal you from the inside out.
L Moore

I found Theta Healing to be gentle and therapeutic; helping me connect more fully to my own inner power and higher energies, and raising my awareness levels in such a way I have started to experience a more positive relationship with myself and others. Danielle is a very friendly and down-to-earth person who clearly enjoys helping people with their own healing.
S Jack

I have found Theta Healing to be the most powerful and effective therapy I have experienced.  It got straight to my real issues in one session and the changes that occurred where phenomenal.  Theta Healing is a therapy for anyone who wants to create immediate change and move forward in an enlightened and safe space.

Danielle is very easy to open up to and makes you feel safe and reassured, as you start your journey of healing with her.  Danielle’s techniques and understanding of the body, mind and spirit are practiced in a very trusting, calming and professional way.  She gives you the ability to heal yourself. She has definitely got a wonderful gift. 
Mrs C. McCarthy

I contacted Danielle to help with some persistent Arthritis I had in my hands and elbows.  After the first session of Reiki the results were instant I was pain free for six months, and then I had another session.  So far so good and I am pain free.  Danielle provides a relaxing and warm environment for treatment. I felt really calm and comfortable with her as a therapist, as she is confident, trustworthy and professional.
J. Owens

Danielle’s treatments are so soothing, she has a great ability to relax you and release all your negative feelings.  I felt completely at ease, calm and safe with her.
Mr S Schinas 

Having personally experienced Danielle’s capabilities in healing and the techniques she utilises, I have found the results both remarkable and extremely beneficial. 
Mr C Matthews

I am always extremely relaxed and feel totally re-energised after my treatments.  I am really impressed with Danielle’s professionalism and instantly feel at ease with her.  I always look forward to my next session and recommend her to friends and colleagues whenever possible.
Miss D.Fox

Danielle is a very calming influence on me and has regularly given me a perspective I never thought I could have. Her healing covers both physical and emotional pain and she has often given me my confidence back when I did not have any. I would highly recommend her.
Mr P Shaw

I have suffered, without knowing it, for years with underlying stress, due to mentally having to cope with such a devastating physical disability.  In a world dominated by drug cures, and of course being someone who was damaged by a drug, I was not keen to seek a tablet cure for my stress, and physical pain. I have been a client of Danielle’s for 12 months now. She is a soothing influence on my stressful life. Her treatments and her care and personal guidance have been fantastic in helping me cope with thankfully ever increasing workload, and, wear and tear on a nearly 50 year old skeleton that keeps this body upright. I cannot praise Danielle’s work highly enough.
G.Skyner – Thalidomide Victim

The “REAL” Deal
I discovered Danielle several months ago and attended my first session with an attitude of hope that I had found a legitimate therapist, but also a sense of caution in case this turned out to be another “huckster”, several of which I had come up against in the past.  I was delighted to find out that there is nothing fraudulent or unscrupulous about the therapies Danielle provides.

Having been involved in the past, albeit fleetingly, with Alternative Therapies, I interspersed in my original conversation with Danielle several “nuggets of information” that in the past I have seen exploited by fraudulent therapists in an effort to convince the patient of the validity of their (the therapists) “treatments”.  I was happy to discover that Danielle did NOT attempt, in any manner, to utilize such information in the formulation of her “debriefing” to me after the session was over..instead Danielle discussed issues and “facts” that I had never revealed to her previously.

More importantly, I left the first session with Danielle having achieved a result that I had been looking for, and never previously found, with any therapy session, alternative or otherwise, in my current life. The result of my initial session was significant enough that ANY doubts I may have harboured prior to my first session about Danielle’s “authenticity” were permanently dispelled.

Bottom line, I know that not everyone believes in Alternative Holistic Therapies. I happen to be one who does believe in them, I don’t accept everything that is claimed by the different disciplines [just like I don’t accept ALL the claims of modern medicine, etc..]. But for those of us who DO believe that Alternative Therapies can provide genuine benefit, we should rejoice that here in Liverpool we genuinely have someone who is “THE REAL DEAL” and who provides a professional and ethical therapy session and environment. 
All my best to you,


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